A lot of my serviette

I have this problem. I’m constantly coming up with ideas faster than I have time to implement them. This more often than not ends in me putting ridiculous amounts of pressure on myself before it all culminates into one giant almighty fiery ball of stress and exhaustion until somehow, I manage to pull it all off. I’m usually left slightly broken and disturbed, vowing never to over work myself to such extremes again, before a week or two later the whole cycle starts all over again.

I’m sure one day I’ll learn my lesson, hopefully before I become sectioned. However, right now, I’m in the thick of it and I have to say secretly loving it. 

This summer is going to be jam packed with Troll activity all around Brighton, with many exciting new ventures and concepts emerging. This summer is the perfect time to really go all out. Winter is coming (sorry) and I need to make sure I’m set, as after those cold dark months I am hatching plans to possibly get my own licensed premises. This is still only a possibility, but one that I am currently exploring extensively and laying the ground work for. 

But firstly….

Now open 7 days a week!


I’ve taken on extra staff, bought a second griddle and gazebo and am now ready to trade at the Hobgoblin 7 days a week. This included Friday lunchtimes as well as at Street Diner!  Yes, you can now get a burger on a Friday and avoid the huge queue at the market. We’ll be running our lunchtime menu with the £1 off facebook/twitter code at the Hobgoblin and having the full 1/3 lb specials on at Street Diner. 

So lets run down what’s coming up for the rest of this summer. 


Nosh of the Titans – Sunday 16th June – Hobgoblin Garden

Read about the event here

This Sunday the 16th June, in the Hobgoblin garden, I’ve decided to organise a little street food festival. There’s so much great street food emerging all over Brighton right now. The only problem is the lack of pitches. This is a problem I faced in my dark days before the Wood Store and I know how tough it can be. I’m really hoping this event is a success so I can repeat it the future. The Hobgoblin garden is a great space to hold such an event and people need to be encouraged more to make better use of spaces all around Brighton. My dream is to have street food all over Brighton, not just confined to small areas. It has the potential to change the very way we live and eat. This can only be done with the help of private land owners as the council rules are very strict and unlikely to change any time soon. 

So, the line up…

Sultans Delights – Vegetarian Middle Eastern curries

Crocus – Authentic Paella

Honeycomb cakes – Home made ice creams and cakes

and The Troll’s Pantry – Launching my new “Gladiator Burger”

So why do you need to go anywhere else? That’s lunch, dinner and dessert sorted, just hang out in the garden, guzzle ale to great music and be merry!

Live music is also going to feature as a big part of the event. We have some scheduled live  music, then followed by what is basically a busking/open mic set up. In order to keep pitch fees to a minimum and food prices low we’re encouraging punters to throw a few coins in the hats of those acts they enjoyed. I want to create the same direct link between artist and  listener as I have at the Troll’s Pantry between chef and customer. I hope you will all help to reward those with talent in the hope they will come back to future events and entertain us further. 

The event starts at 12pm and carries on until you all decide to leave or we sell out. 


Breakfast Cafe Pop Up – Seven Bees Cafe – Sunday 30th June


Some of you may recall me mentioning the possibility of taking on a breakfast cafe. Well, I’ve decided to test out some of my theories beforehand with this pop up breakfast concept. 

The idea is that not everyone has time to sit around in a cafe before work, nor do they have time (or the inclination) to make breakfast. These people still want something tasty and quality at a price that they can afford. 

The idea is to do an ultimate breakfast burger. No beef this time, instead a quality Sussex sausage meat pattie, topped with rashers of the best quality oak smoked bacon, fried egg, grilled tomato and home made relish, all sandwiched between the toasted brioche buns you love. 

Veggies will be catered for as well with a bubble and squeak burger made from quality, seasonal  and local veg. 

There won’t be any table service or plated meals at this pop up. I’m using the same high quality, tight margin, no frills business model that I do with the burgers. I’m still undecided as to whether I’ll offer a plated Full English Breakfast when I get my own cafe. I’d be interested in your feed back.


London Burger Bash – 28th July – Camden Town Brewery


I’ve been invited to compete in the London Burger Bash. The Brain child of Young and Foodish, you can read more about it here.

The best burger chefs and other acclaimed chefs all gather to compete for the prestigious golden pattie award. I was hesitant when first approached as I have so many commitments here, but I felt that maybe I should stop taking life so seriously and have a bit of fun, so I accepted. 

Later I realised this was no “bit of fun” and my competitors really did take this seriously. Shit, I thought, am I out of my depth? You see, I have this secret, I am normally a fairly passive laid back person, but I have this dark competitive edge that I often do my best to suppress or channel in positive ways. After checking out the competition it has returned. I have an opportunity to create what may well be regarded as one of the greatest burgers ever foretold. I’m prepared to take this challenge head on. 

This is only the top of the iceberg. There’s plenty more things in the pipeline for this summer. Once things are confirmed I’ll announce more. I’ll keep working hard to keep bringing you burgers so long as you guys keep buying them. 

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